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On This Day in Horror History: The Mind Boggling ‘The Swarm’ Hit Theaters

39 years ago today, one of history’s most puzzling occurrences took place: The Swarm was released in theaters.

Why was this such a strange occurrence?

Because the movie is comically bad on every single front imaginable, and it has an absolute ton of talent behind it.

I’m not sure how films like this come to be, but they’re strangely memorable, and they’re so damn perplexing that it’s inevitable they eventually develop a hardcore cult following. We do, after all, need films guaranteed to birth drinking games that will unquestionably leave us on the cusp of vomiting inside of 120 minutes.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Irwin Allen directed the film. Oscar-winning screenwriter Stirling Silliphant handled the script. Oscar winners, Michael Caine, Olivia de Havilland and Patty Duke star. Oscar nominees Katharine Ross and Richard Widmark star.

Seriously, The Swarm was loaded with talent… and thank everything that’s right about terribly wrong cinema, it was still a hilariously horrible movie with some of the truest jaw-dropping dialog ever written.

You’ve got to love these weird Twilight Zone moments in film!

Happy birthday, The Swarm! Those of us who love you for everything you aren’t, will always remain loyal!

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