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Happy Birthday Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman

I will not hide my adoration for Corey Feldman, who – Happy Birthday, brother – turns 46 years old today.

I’ve always considered the man far more than just a grown child actor.

These days some like to write Feldman off as a strange, experimental has-been. What I see is a guy who is still evolving and finding a way to not only stay relevant in the industry, but make a living and enjoy what he’s doing. The guy has done just about everything there is to do, and you know what? He’s pretty damn good at everything.

As for Feldman’s work within the genre, it’s surprisingly extensive and consistently enjoyable.

Feldman brought the amazing Tommy Jarvis to life in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, he was a kick ass pseudo-protégé in Gremlins, he gifted us just a glimpse in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (was that archival footage?), had amazing roles in two coming-of-age adventure/thriller pics that every genre fan alive loves, The Goonies and Stand By Me before surfacing in the now-adored vampire film The Lost Boys, which preceded the criminally underrated horror/comedy, The ‘Burbs. But Feldman wasn’t done there, not by a long shot. He also surfaced in an episode of Tales from the Crypt, the low budget chiller, Voodoo, Tales from the Crypt presentation, Bordello of Blood, the cult flick, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, another independent feature, Séance, and the ultimate guilty pleasure pic, Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys.

Of course, Feldman would eventually return to one of the stories that helped define his career, as he reprised his role as Edgar Frog in Lost Boys: The Tribe as well as the underrated third installment, Lost Boys: The Thirst. Recent appearances in indie productions 6 Degrees of Hell, The Zombie King, Zombex, followed and he’s tapped to bring one incredibly promising character, Queeny, to life in the forthcoming Corbin Nash.

Corey Feldman has been loyal to our genre, and I couldn’t possibly care less about what anyone says about the man – he’s earned my respect and my loyalty. If Feldman is involved in a project, big or small, good or bad, I’ll be there to take the ride.

Happy Birthday, Corey. We’re still here supporting you and wishing you the absolute best!

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