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On This Day in Horror History: ‘Robocop’ Hit the Street and the ‘Jaws’ Returned for a Sequel


1987 is, in my honest opinion, the greatest year in horror history. There were a tremendous amount of amazing films released. Franchises thrived. New names and faces emerged. Practical effects were on display like we’ve rarely ever seen. It truly was an amazing year, and on this very day a classic was born and a beloved franchise was revisited: Robocop took to the streets for the first time and the waters were once more unsafe, as Jaws IV: The Revenge also stormed theaters.

Robocop was the debut weekend’s big winner, taking the top spot at the box office with a solid $8 million grab. Jaws IV: The Revenge – far and away the worst of the franchise – debuted at number three with a $7 million take.

Jaws would go on to earn $51 million worldwide, with the bulk of its earnings coming from overseas; Robocop didn’t make a theatrical run in any key international markets, but still yanked down $53 million domestically. Over the years, it has become more than obvious that Robocop managed to stand the test of time, while Jaws IV: The Revenge likely isn’t viewed much anymore, and the general (and deserved) perception is that it’s the stinker of the lot.

We’ve yet to see another Jaws film made, though talks of a reboot have slithered through Hollywood circles for some time. Robocop on the other hand spawned two sequels and a decent remake that arrived in 2014 – that remake managed to earn $242 million worldwide.

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