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An Interview with Bayley Corman from ‘The Hatred’

By Lois Kennedy

Bayley Corman. Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, she’s Roger Corman’s niece. She also has a hell of a lot going on upstairs, and she’s dead serious about her craft. She goes to acting school, and she works extremely hard. She’s been featured in ‘Faking It’ and ‘Two Broke Girls’, and her newest project is ‘The Hatred.’ She was gracious enough to take the time to answer my questions by email. (Thank you Michael G. Kehoe for sending those back and forth.)

LK: Could you provide a little detail about your character Samantha?

BC: Samantha is the girl who loves history. She is incredibly intelligent and very passionate. She is the one out of all of the girls in the film who is most fascinated by the story behind the home that they are staying in for the weekend. Her knowledge of the historical context of the home is what ultimately uncovers all of the secrets behind it. I think Samantha has really good intentions but she is also an instigator and kind of stirs up trouble. Having the opportunity to play a character like this was so much fun for me and honestly really refreshing. I am often called in for the cheerleader type or the mean girl so having the opportunity to show myself as something different was really great.

LK: Did you enjoy making The Hatred?

BC: It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. The cast and the crew were so wonderful and made the whole experience a dream. Even if things got stressful and people were butting heads at the end of the day we are a big family and nothing can change that. The relationships I built on the set of The Hatred are some of the most wonderful relationships I have.

LK: If there were a Hatred 2, would you appear in it?

BC: I would be honored to.

LK: Do you watch horror movies in your own time?

BC: Yes! Horror is my favorite movie genre. I was always the girl trying to get my friends to watch The Shining with me when I was like 12! My friends thought I was crazy for loving scary films. Honestly the movie that started my horror obsession was the original Halloween. It was the first horror movie I saw and after that I couldn’t get enough. I was actually really young when I saw that for the first time and I bet my mom was pretty concerned when it was the only movie I wanted to watch for a few years after that. I seriously think I have watched that film over 100 times.

LK: What is your favorite thing about acting?

BC: I find acting to be really therapeutic. When I am going through a stressful time in my own life I have no choice but to shut it out and not think about it when I am in the middle of a scene. Its kind of like an escape to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and clear your head of whats going on in your own world for a little bit then come back with a clear head after the scene is over. It sounds crazy but it actually really helps calm me down if I am experiencing any anxiety! Besides that I just love exploring emotion among different characters and being able to experiment. With acting you’re not really tied to anything, you can shoot the same scene 10 times and each time is going to be a completely different take. I just love how much depth there is to the craft.

LK: Would you make another horror movie?

BC: Absolutely! It was always my dream to be in a horror film and now that I have done one I can’t wait to hopefully do another at some point in the future!

LK: Do you have any stories from the set you want to share?

BC: I think the best memory I have from being on set was just how hands on and personal Michael Kehoe was with all of the actors. He took his time with everyone and really helped us all dig deep into our characters in order for us to give our best performances. I had a few scenes that were pretty heavy and emotional and he never once rushed me no matter how much of a time crunch we were on or anything. He genuinely wanted to get the best out of everyone and I think it really shows in the film. As an actor that’s pretty much the greatest thing you can ask for in a director.

LK: What is your least favorite thing about acting?

BC: I really don’t have a least favorite part about acting! I think it is such a beautiful art form and there really isn’t anything for me to dislike.

LK: Would you say the name Corman helps or hurts your acting career? Do you feel pushed toward the horror genre?

BC: It definitely doesn’t hurt my acting career but I feel like I do face skepticism from some people who think I only get cast because of my last name. But those people don’t see how hard I work and how much I struggle just like every other actor. I am in class every week improving my craft making sure I am getting better all the time. I get told no just like everyone else. Why would I want to be that person who just gets roles because of who I am related to? I don’t think that would be a rewarding experience at all. It really doesn’t bother me that much though because I know how hard I work and I know that I have to fight for this just like any other actor trying to make it.

I don’t necessarily feel pushed toward the horror genre by any means but it is a genre that I am familiar with for sure and if I have the opportunity to be part of another horror movie in the future then I would love that.

LK: If you could promote The Hatred in one sentence, what would you say?

BC: Be VERY afraid.

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