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An Interview with Gabrielle Bourne from ‘The Hatred’

Gabrielle Bourne is not only a talented actor on the rise, but a producer as well. She may not be a household name yet, but her beautiful face and warm brown eyes are totally memorable. As is one of her most recent projects, ‘The Hatred’. Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Bourne was generous enough to humor me with an email interview.

Thank you to Michael Kehoe for sending the questions and answers to and fro.

Interview by Lois Kennedy

LK: Could you provide a little detail about your character Layan?

GB: Layan is the cynicist of the group.  She’s always looking for a good time and while she loves her friends more than anything, she can’t help but give them crap when they overreact or get worked up over nothing.  She definitely isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking without holding back.  She’s extremely quick witted, well educated and independent.  She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything until she sees it with her own eyes.  It’s always fun playing the strong willed, sarcastic type!

LK: Did you enjoy making The Hatred?

GB: I loved my experience working on this film.  We were surrounded by so many great people and so much talent.  Never a dull moment!

LK: Do you watch horror movies on your own time?

GB: I used to back in high school.  A friend and I would watch horror movies and just loved the thrill.  These days I’m too much of a wimp!!

LK: Do you have any stories from the set that you want to share?

GB: There’s one scene where Samantha (Bayley Corman) and I are in the basement and the set was severely creepy.  We kept hearing noises and we were barefoot downstairs staring in the eyes of some taxidermied animals and we were convinced the house was haunted.  That was a pretty intense day for us but we had so much fun with it.

LK: What is your favorite thing about acting?

GB: I love everything about acting.  I love telling people’s stories.  I feel like as humans we only see one side of the world for the most part, the way we live our own lives.  I think it’s so important to give people a new perspective and to get a glimpse of another person’s story.  I’m a very sympathetic person and so to get to live in someone else’s shoes who is going through something personal is a really special experience for me because I am able to feel connected to them in a way.  Why would we want to go our whole lives only knowing one thing?

LK: Does being in a horror movie take more out of you than, say, a comedy? Is it more intense?

GB: I think working in different genres takes it out of you in different ways.  It was definitely intense, especially because we filmed in a pretty condensed period of time.  The energy in the room was always pretty intense just based on where we were and what was going on around us but we made sure to always have some moments of relief.

LK: Have you seen The Hatred as a finished product, and if so, did it scare you?

GB: I have seen it and I have to say I was not expecting to be scared.  I kept telling friends and family who say they are afraid to watch it that it’s different when you’ve seen behind the scenes and it won’t be as scary, NOT TRUE!  It was pretty terrifying.  I’ll leave it at that.

LK: Are there any horror movies in your future?

GB: No horror movies on the agenda as of now but I’m open to it!

LK: If there were a Hatred 2, would you appear in it?

GB: I’m in!

LK: If you could promote The Hatred in one sentence, what would you say?

GB: Go with a friend who’s willing to hold your hand and get ready to have some fun ;).


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