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An Interview with Sarah Davenport from ‘The Hatred’

Sarah Davenport is fast becoming a household name; she has just wrapped up a new adaptation of Little Women (she’s Jo). And in the horror community she’s shining too, having a recurring role on the sci-fi show Stitchers (about a woman who goes into dead peoples’ minds in the interest of law enforcement), and two upcoming thrillers, The Shift and The Detained. But today our main concern is getting the word out about her recent project, The Hatred.  Ms. Davenport was awesome enough to take the time to answer my little questions (via email).

Thank you Michael Kehoe for ferrying questions and answers.

Interview by Lois Kennedy

LK: Can you provide a little detail about your character Regan?

SD: Regan is definitely defined by her love for her family and friends. She is smart, caring and conscientious – qualities ya need to survive – ya know what I mean? 😉

LK: Did you enjoy making The Hatred?

SD: I certainly did! It was a very formative experience for me. I was thankful & nervous to be there… I’m a scaredy cat!

LK: If there were a Hatred 2, would you appear in it?

SD: Hmmm, I wonder what the second storyline would be! I think there’s at least room for an appearance of some kind…

LK: Do you like the horror genre?

SD: To be honest: I’m so scared! I can hardly watch scary movies because I take it too far for too long afterward. Scary stuff really stays with me, and I don’t like walking around with that. So it’s not my first pick to watch. Making a movie can be a little different… I won’t rule it out but I do prefer lighter things. 🙂

LK: Would you ever make another horror movie?

SD: Considering that I did after The Hatred filmed, I think I have to say yes!

LK: How do you prepare for a role?

SD: There’s different techniques I use based on the role. The first step is always research & obsessively reading the script. I find once I really know the project I can figure out where I need to go. That often involves: music, character “field trips,” lots of musing and thinking and feeling… it’s a little inexact.

LK: What do you like most about acting?

SD: I love the idea that life experiences fuel my acting, and acting expands my life experience. I get to live a really full life doing so many different things by being so many different people. I couldn’t imagine a better job.

LK: Did you see The Hatred as a finished project, and if so, did it scare you?

SD: I have seen it! I know I jumped a few times! Seeing the way the music, light, camera angles, etc all come together… it’s very neat. While filming, I rarely see playback or the monitor so seeing all the elements I can’t fully grasp while acting is magical.

LK: Do you have any stories from the set that you want to share?

SD: So I got to do my own “stunts,” and there is a moment where, to make it happen, I got to wear essentially an umpire chest pad with wheels upon which to be pulled and slide, kind of like a skateboard taped to my chest….. it was really fun. And maybe dangerous– sorry, mom.

LK: If you had to promote The Hatred in only one sentence, what would you say?

SD: BUY THE DVD! 😉 or Don’t watch without a blanket or buddy 🙂



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