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How Much Money Wes Craven’s Top 10 Grossing Films Would’ve Made in 2017

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A few weeks back we gave you a look at John Carpenter’s Top 10 bread makers and how those films would stack up in terms of figures in 2017. Today we tackle the inflation beast once more and bring you an examination of Wes Craven’s 10 top financial success stories, and how much money they would have made had they arrived in theaters in 2017.

Sit back, relax and take in the fact that one of horror’s true masters was mighty successful in his day. But just a heads up, you’re probably going to be surprised by a few of these films and what they would have pulled down in today’s market.

1 Scream (adjusted) $200,489,900 (original figure) $103,046,663

                2 Scream 2 (adjusted) $194,697,400 (original figure) $101,363,301

3 Scream 3 (adjusted) $147,028,400 (original figure) $89,143,175

4 Red Eye (adjusted) $80,289,900 (original figure) $57,891,803

5 A Nightmare on Elm Street (adjusted) $64,891,500 (original figure) $25,504,513

6 The People Under the Stairs (adjusted) $51,110,400 (original figure) $24,204,154

7 The Serpent and the Rainbow (adjusted) $42,384,400 (original figure) $19,595,031

8 Scream 4 (adjusted) $42,112,700 (original figure) $38,180,928

9 Vampire in Brooklyn (adjusted) $40,366,200 (original figure) $19,751,736

10 Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (adjusted) $38,474,100 (original figure) $18,090,181

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