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‘Awaken the Shadowman’ Has Big Promise, and it Arrived Today!

A spirited little indie production with some dreadful atmosphere and potentially gratifying frights? We are totally and completely on board for this one! So let us take a peek at the trailer for Awaken the Shadownman below.

J.S. Wilson directs while Skyler Caleb and Woodrow Wilson Hancock III write.

Awaken the Shadowman stars James Zimbardi, Skyler Caleb, and Jean Smart.

The film hit Blu-ray today, can look at that trailer below the synopsis!


Adam and his wife Beth are a struggling couple with a newborn baby Emma. Adam receives a phone call from his estranged brother, Jake, informing him that their mother has gone missing. He urges Adam and his family to come back to their hometown.

They are greeted by Jake and his wife Christy, who are a shining example of a happy couple. A search committee is at Evette’s house, from Gateways, a bereavement group that has been helping Evette deal with the loss of her previous home and their father.

As the brothers try to get past old grievances and work together in finding their mother, Adam becomes increasingly aware that Gateways may be up to something more sinister, and perhaps even behind their mother’s disappearance.

A dark, shadowy presence begins to stalk Beth, seeming to influence her thoughts. As Adam’s paranoia continues to grow, he becomes terrified that Gateways and a shapeless, faceless creature lurking around the family may be after their newborn baby.

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