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Stuff Your Head in This Licensed Pennywise Halloween Mask from Stephen King’s ‘It’

Now, this is some creepy business. You hit the streets to trick or treat with this mask on, and you’re going to scare toddlers, teens, soccer moms and the grandmas of the world, no doubt about it. It’s a beautiful, officially licensed mask that instantly brings some fond memories of the first adaptation of Stephen King’s immensely popular story, It, which featured none other than this homicidal clown, Pennywise!

Check out the official details below, and be sure to swing by the Halloween Costumes website to get yours ordered ASAP!

If being near a circus or a children’s birthday increases your heart rate and turns your stomach inside out, chances are Stephen King is to blame. Coulrophobia, otherwise known as the fear of clowns, skyrocketed after the 90’s and we’ll give you just one guess why. The image of Pennywise severing a little boys arm with his razor-sharp teeth was horrifying enough to traumatize even the most seasoned horror fans. Now, a whopping 12% of the population can’t walk past a grate covered sewage drain or crack into a fortune cookie without experiencing flashbacks to some of IT’s most terrifying moments.

If you’re looking for the best way to scare the most people this Halloween, look no further than the officially licensed Pennywise IT collector’s mask. This exclusive mask is crafted from 100% movie-grade silicone, the whole-head mask recreates Pennywise’s sinister visage. Incorporating the demonic entity’s key features like bright red hair, matching nose, and contemptuous frown, the frightening mask has the power to transform wearers into a horror movie legend. Our research indicates it’s basically the only mask on the market with the potential to increase coulrophobia.

Exclusive Pennywise IT Collector’s Mask

  • 100% movie-grade silicone whole-head mask

  • Red synthetic hair attached to mask

  • One size fits most adults

  • Officially licensed

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