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Freddy Krueger Takes on Nostradamus in Awesome Parody!

You’ve got to love these random and wild short films that surface on a very steady basis. While I typically prefer live action shorts, I’ve seen a staggering number of animated shorts that blew the mind. You should probably take a peek at Neatoco’s Youtube page – it seems a worthy time spender!

When politics has become a horror-filled nightmare, there is only one wrinkled, orange-skinned, bragging man to blame… Freddy Krueger! From the makers of It’s Always Sunny in Eternia and the Alien Party Punch Fountain, comes the newest neatOco creation: Freddy vs. Nostradamus.

When our historical hero and future predictor Nostradamus gazes into the future, he sees something which he deems “super-not-so-cool”: the hacking of the 2016 U.S. election! So he grabs an arsenal of antique Italian weapons and sets out on an action-packed time-traveling adventure to stop Freddy, who is hellbent on teaming up with an orange demon and bringing about the destruction of earth.

Now watch this priceless video below!

And here’s a nice promo image!

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