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On This Day in History: ‘Deep Blue Sea’ Arrived 18 Years Ago!

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea was one of the finest modern-day shark flicks to hit the big screen. It’s loaded with cheesy moments and questionable dialogue, but it’s also loaded with fun… tons of fun, in addition to an excellent cast (that includes Thomas Jane, Samuel L Jackson, and the multi-faceted Stellan Skarsgard)! That’s why we’re celebrating 18 awesome years of existence.

Speaking of Stellan Skarsgard, what kind of horror fans would we be if we didn’t show you this priceless slice of cinematic insanity.

This is the film that truly put the awesome Thomas Jane on the map, and we’re grateful for that, as he’s been a loyal and respected horror contributor for years.

Upon arriving, Deep Blue Sea surprised at the box office. It opened in the number three slot with an opening weekend haul of $19 million, but it went on to peak on the domestic market with a very solid $73 million. It fared even better in international markets, picking up an additional $91 million.

Shot on a budget of $60 million, the film was a modest success with a total worldwide tally of $164 million. Not bad!

Who says shark movies not-named Jaws can’t thrive with consumers?

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