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‘The Thing in the Apartment 2’ Lives Up to its Predecessor and Then Some! (Review)

The Thing in the Apartment 2

What really struck me as a well-thought out maneuver was creating linking points between the first Thing in the Apartment picture and the second. It appears as though this growing little short might blossom into an eerie franchise. The ladies we met in the first film aren’t present in the second, however, their neighbors, looking through the window blinds, directly across the street, get a peek at some form of official, or agents, hauling Lindsay’s body from her friend’s car.

And that’s where the trouble begins for our new focal couple. It’s only the husband glued to the window; his wife stands behind him, a feeling of extreme unease overtaking her as she pleads with her man to step away from the window.

That’s where the story details end, as the finale is another winner, and it’s actually a far superior close to the one featured in the first flick.

John Ross keeps his growing ball of bloody snow gaining speed, and in a sense, he does so literally: there is a much heavier dose of gore in this film, which means more bodies, and if I’m being entirely honest: it looks absolutely awesome.

I’m liking that Ross is labeling these films as “chapters” as it indicates that maybe he already has a series of additional chapters planned to add to the story. We may end up lucky after all and see a full film come of this little series, yet!

Once again, the acting is sharp, the cinematography is great and the editing is seamless. Technically speaking, this is another superb piece that fans shouldn’t miss.

Whoever said a sequel couldn’t possibly be as good as its predecessor has been proven wrong by Ross, who delivers with a bang, and gets help from a very dedicated group of performers.

Again, I’ll implore you not to skip this one – especially since it’s attached below!

Rating: 5/5

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