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Wesley Thomas Tips Us Off: These Home Invasion Films COMPLETELY Terrify

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Who doesn’t love a good, twisted home invasion movie? Well, here’s my faves!

1) The Strangers (2008)

Starring Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman, this movie tells the story of a truly horrifying home invasion. It started with a knock at the door, where a young woman innocently asked if ‘Tamara’ was there. But that seemingly innocent question turned into a sinister fight for survival.

2) Funny Games (2007 – highly recommend you check out the original, as well)

Starring Naomi Watts, Funny Games is the tale of two truly psychotic men who take a family hostage.

3) Mother’s Day (2010)

Starring sensationally talented actress Rebecca De Mornay, Mother’s Day revolves around a sadistic family returning to their now-inhabited childhood home, to terrorize the new owners and their party guests. One thing’s for sure, the guests will never forget this party.

4) Panic Room (2002) 

Jodie Foster & Kristin Stewart take the lead in this tense, nail-biting flick. After a divorce, mother and daughter move into a new house. They had no idea it apparently held hidden value, value that three crooks are determined to get their hands on. Even if that means breaking into the house and killing the new owners.

5) You’re Next (2011)

It was supposed to be a nice wedding anniversary getaway. Fun. Friends. Family. Good times. Then an arrow smashes through the window. Soon this gathering turns deadly, as a group of masked individuals launch an attack. But the intruders have no idea that at least one guest is more than capable of defending herself, and even retaliating effectively. This is original and breaks new ground.

6) Hush (2016) 

A deaf woman is home alone enjoying the solitude of the woods, working on her latest novel. When suddenly, a masked killer appears at her window. Down one sense, this woman has to rely on sight, touch, smell, and taste to survive this madman.

7) Don’t Breathe (2016)

This time we shake things up. The film takes the P.O.V of the intruders. Three youngsters break into the home of a blind man who is rumoured to have stashed away a great fortune. Little do they know that this old blind man isn’t someone to be trifled with. He may be sightless, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hear you breathing.

8) When A Stranger Calls (2006) 

A babysitter finds herself facing a chilling predator in a doctor’s lavish home. But all those rooms won’t save her from him. In my opinion, this is one of the better ‘cat and mouse / babysitter’ movies out there. It’s genuinely unnerving. A sure way to send goosebumps crawling down your spine.

9) Last House on the Left (2009)

Traumatizing. Powerful. Tense.

A gang of criminals brutally assault two young women. After which, they retreat into the woods and find refuge in the home of a warm, inviting family. But will the family be so welcoming when they realize it was that gang who raped their daughter?

10) Intruders (2015) 

Agoraphobia-sufferer Anna, is fear-stricken when three criminals break into her home. The intruders have no idea that agoraphobia isn’t her only problem.

Other home invasion gems include Them, Torment, Swimming with Sharks, Pacific Heights, The Resident, and Angst.

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