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On This Day in History ‘The Tingler’, ‘Monkey Shines’ and ‘Signs’ All Hit Theaters

Overall, that’s a solid little list of pictures. And while they were all released on July 29th, they obviously weren’t released in the same calendar year. If you happen to be curious about this trio of killer flicks, read on.

The Tingler debuted in 1959 to a unique cinematic experience (certain theater chairs were rigged to… well “tingle” for lack of a better term, during the more intense moments) and generally positive reviews. It was just one of many of the innovative William Castle’s flicks that scored big with crowds. Happy 58th Birthday, Tingler!

Next up we have the nightmarish movie that left just about every male viewer feeling utterly helpless, the brutal brain screw, Monkey Shines. Monkey Shines is actually a very impressive film, which helps to explain the pic’s long-standing horde of fans who’ve stuck by the pic since its massive financial failure. Monkey Shines turns 29 today.

And, wrapping this all up we get to one of M. Night Shyamalan’s greatest works to date – the awesome invasion tale, Signs. The movie rocked, and went on to gross more than $408 million at the worldwide box office. It’s also one of Mel Gibson’s shining career moments. Signs debuted 15 years ago today.

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