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Remember When Mick Garris Directed Michael Jackson in a Horror Video That Stephen King Wrote?

Michael Jackson Is it Scary?

Once upon a time (in 1993) Mick Garris directed a Michael Jackson video titled “Is is Scary?” And the answer is, yes, it was scary.

Apparently the video was a planned tie-in or promotional piece for Addams Family Values, but someone with good enough vision knew to put an axe to this 12-minute torture-thon before it ever made it to the masses…

But it did make it to the masses! Check out what Mick Garris had to say about the experience!

This was a REALLY rough early cut we did when I was directing this Michael Jackson film when it was called ‘IS THIS SCARY?’ (Three years later, it was greatly expanded and retitled ‘Michael Jackson’s GHOSTS’). It was before we ever got to the intended songs, as we never shot those. It was originally planned as promotion for ‘ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.’ Stan Winston was in charge of the makeup and visual effects, and took over as director when I went off to make ‘THE SHINING.’ I have no idea how this got out, but it’s fascinating to revisit it all these years later. It became, and remains, by far the most expensive music video ever made. The original script was by Stephen King.

Now check out this priceless video!

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