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How Many Horror Movies Debuted at #1 at the Box Office and Who Just Missed it in 2017?

Alien: Covenant - Alien versus David Alien: Covenant

I’ve seen a few Facebookers complain that we’re obsessed with numbers here at Addicted to Horror Movies. To an extent, that’s true – but we’re interested in the numbers because you’re interested in the numbers. These articles that break down fiscal facts tend to draw an awful lot of attention. And if you can feel like you’re picking up a little info here on the site, I say, what’s the harm?

Today I wanted to tackle the genre films we’ve seen released this year that managed to defy the odds and debut at #1.

Now, a few of these films can easily be recognized as science fiction/horror, and that’s just fine. War for the Planet of the Apes isn’t just a thriller, and it isn’t just an action film. There’s horror sprinkled through that film often. The same can be said of Kong: Skull Island. Of course, if you can’t see the horror in Alien: Covenent… I don’t know what to tell you.

So, here are the five horror films that premiered in the #1 box office slot this year.

Get Out ($252 million worldwide)

Kong: Skull Island ($566 million worldwide)

Split ($276 million worldwide)

War for the Planet of the Apes ($224 million worldwide)

Alien: Covenant ($232 million worldwide)

There were also a few horror films to see release this year that just missed that coveted number one opening.

The Mummy debuted at #2. Miraculous.

Somehow the marketing for Rings drew enough paying customers to slide into the #2 position.

The weird fantasy/dragon movie thing, The Great Wall managed to debut at #3, despite looking like the worst film to see release in a few decades.

47 Meters Down had a very limited opening, and it still managed to debut at #5.

Underworld: Blood Wars was infinitely better than its immediate franchise predecessor, but it still only managed a #4 opening.

Life was a slick sci-fi horror piece that utilized Alien as inspiration (and sparked some amazing theories that the film was actually a prequel to Venom), but it failed to wow at theaters, opening at #4.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter sat in a similar boat to the one keeping Underworld: Blood Wars afloat. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was noticeably stronger than the previous two franchise films, but it failed to hit the top of the charts, maxing out at #4.

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