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‘It Stains the Sands Red’ and Proves Far More Entertaining Than Most Other Zombie Movies (Review)

Directed by: Colin Minihan

Cast: Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger

It isn’t easy to find a zombie film that dares to be different. There’s an undead rule, apparently, and it seems that just about every filmmaker is more than prepared to follow that rule: just make zombies… zombies.

Director Colin Minihan didn’t seem to like that idea too much. What he’s done here, is set out to transform a shambling flesh-eating zombie into a character that we can actually cheer for. The zombie is, believe it or not, an enormously important aspect of the human conflict (it’s best that you experience this aspect of the narrative, in particular) in it Stains the Sands Red.

The story, in a brief nutshell sees Molly, broken down in the desert, struggling to get to salvation with very limited supplies. But the biggest challenge of this journey isn’t the shortage of supplies, it’s the very determined zombie who refuses to give up on Molly’s trail. He’s constantly dragging along behind the woman, more loyal dog than decaying man. But the dedication on the zombie’s part inadvertently opens a whole separate box of inquiries. Chief among them being who is the real monster? Is it really the haggard flesh-muncher behind her?

I can’t give anything else away. I can however issue huge applause to a spirited crew who set out to give us a zombie movie that really doesn’t feel like a zombie movie. Minihan nailed that with seeming ease. There’s also a stellar comedic stream that courses through the entire film, and because it isn’t over-pronounced, it’s astonishingly effective. Watch this movie and you’re going to find yourself in stitches on more than one occasion.

I enjoyed the acting, and the bleak landscape creates an awe-inspiring sensation of endlessness. It’s a strange quality for a film to boast, but in this case, it’s a key strength to a picture with shallow pockets and deep imaginations.

If you’re going to pick any single zom-com to watch this year, you’ve got to make it Minihan’s It Stains the Sands Red, a witty story told against a desolate backdrop that creates one damn wild contrast that’s sure to be enjoyed by anyone who’s tired of the typical zombie. This, my friends, is an entirely different creature we’re dealing with!

Rating: 4/5

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