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EXCLUSIVE: We Finally Have an OFFICIAL ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ Update!

No, we’re not being fooled by another fan-made Jeepers Creepers 3 trailer. This, my friends, is the absolute real deal!

You’re about to learn a few definitive facts about Jeepers Creepers 3. This information comes our way directly from a source very close to the production, who wishes to speak under the veil of anonymity, for the time being.

Just for the record, though, there really isn’t anything so insanely detailed that I’d consider it a major spoiler. You’ll pick up a few new facts here (quite awesome), I’m quite sure, but nothing that is going to kill the shock and excitement that’s likely to sweep over you when you watch Jeepers Creepers 3 for the first time on the big screen!

Here’s what our source told us:

There is a rough cut that has been shown to close friends and family. To confirm the proper synopsis as there are two floating around online, this film does indeed take place in between 1 & 2, picking up a few minutes after Darry was abducted in Jeepers 1 and goes from there. Gina Philips does in fact have a small role confirming her cameo speculation at the end when the film flashes forward 23 years after the events of all 3 previous films. The film does have a subtitle, but that’s not allowed to be revealed as it also could change between now and then. Any rumors regarding an origin story and old witch tales, etc… are absolutely fake.

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