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Suspense And Psychological Horror In HBO’s ‘Room 104’

Created by Jay and Mark Duplass (Manson Family Vacation, Creep), the new HBO anthology series Room 104 brings hotel horror straight into your living room and promises to chill, frighten, and disturb. The trailer to the new show can be viewed at the link below.

The series will feature a number of different directors, including Megan Griffiths and Patrick Brice. The first episode, which tells the haunting story of a babysitting gig gone terribly awry, stars Melonie Diaz and Ethan Kent.

With Creep 2 lingering on the horizon, the Duplass Brothers continue to impress with their unique blend of dark comedy, drama, suspense, and psychological horror. Be sure to “check in” to Room 104 before it’s too late…


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