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10 Short Films You May Not Have Known Were Made by Your Favorite Horror Director

I think we can probably skip over the synopsis in this case. If you aren’t familiar with the Saw franchise, there’s something wrong with you. This is an awesome inspiration point for the franchise, and it’s cool as hell to see that Leigh Whannell has been hanging with James Wan for so long.

Geometria by Guillermo del Toro (1987)

You get a hint of everything you’d expect to see from early del Toro here. The color tones and some of the contrasting techniques are reminiscent of The Devil’s Backbone, and believe me, things get weird enough to sneak into Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s a trippy flick, but it’s cool to get a look at the early works of del Toro.

Mama by Andres Muschietti (2008)

I’ll be completely honest: I wasn’t a huge fan of Mama. I thought it had a ton of potential, but started to get a bit shaky in the final act, and there were a handful of shots that were butchered by bad CGI. Having said all of that, I can’t get enough of Any Muschietti’s gorgeous short of the same name. The atmosphere is perfect, the pacing is perfect and we get a perfectly paralyzing finale. Nice work, right here.

Eater by The Duffer Brothers (2007)

Before the Duffer Brothers had our jaws glued to our shoes with the stunning Netflix series, Stranger Things, they were creeping us the hell out with movies like this, that feature a fight for life or death… and death means becoming a meal. Excellent work from the Duffer Brothers, and if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t waste another second hesitating.

Forgot My Meds Trilogy (Laura Panic, Cerebella, Her Name is Laura Panic) by Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard has always had the gift of quality filmmaking. He sees things clearly and recreates them in a manner we can all enjoy. And he had that knack for visual storytelling right out of the gate, as evidenced by his enthralling trilogy of short films that put the spotlight on a cute little stalker who definitely isn’t quite right…

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