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Our Favorite Danielle Harris Movies

Danielle Harris has been a favorite of mine, believe it or not, since I caught her on the big screen for Halloween 4. Danielle and I are about the same age, so seeing her onscreen left me with admiration and a little bit of a screen crush. As a result, I’ve seen damn near everything she makes, genre related or not.

This is just a quick “I’m on the road so why not put together an article” list, but it covers the bases I intended on covering, so I’m happy with it. Dig in!

Hatchet 2

Danielle really got the chance to flex her heroic chops in Adam Green’s second Hatchet flick. It’s fun, it’s astoundingly gory and Danielle kicks serious tail. Gotta love this beauty’s resilience, especially when staring down the seemingly immortal Victor Crowley.

Halloween 4

Danielle was just a baby back in the day, but Halloween 4 is arguably the most interesting picture in the franchise, beyond the first three films. A big part of that falls on Danielle’s little back. But she handles her material like a champion and she gives us a great depiction of a terrified child.

Halloween 5

Halloween 5 is nothing like its immediate predecessor, and Danielle’s part in the film also differs to a tremendous degree. This time around Danielle’s work is all physical, as she’s gone mute after the events of the previous film. But dialog or no dialog, Harris really sells her victimized role all over again… this time with an excellent dark turn.

The Victim

Victim is a balls-out, insane exploitation flick and I love it. Danielle’s skills could’ve been better capitalized upon, but sometimes you take what you can get. And Danielle Harris plus Michael Biehn in the same film is a total winner in my book!

Urban Legend

Harris didn’t get the love she deserved in Urban Legend, a film that – you’d think – would be the perfect vehicle for Harris. Instead, she ends up playing little more than killer fodder. But you know what? I think a goth Danielle Harris is a damn sexy Danielle Harris, so I’ll take it!


While Rob Zombie turned Harris’ Halloween character, Annie Brackett into a totally unlikable D-bag in H2, he allowed Annie Brackett to be the fun, bubbly looker in the first film. She lights up every scene she’s in, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t miss that Annie in H2.

Stake Land

Harris’ character in Stake Land is actually an extremely important one, as she reminds us that a devastated world must begin to procreate if society is to be rebuilt. Danielle knew her importance to that story and she delivered with passion. She’s also one hell of a survivor, to top it all off. Oh, and yes, she’s still sexy as hell even in a rugged wasteland.

See No Evil 2

Danielle surfaces in yet another genre franchise, and this time, well, she’s as good as she’s ever been in that final girl role! Taking on the hulking Jacob Goodnight in See No Evil 2 again offered her a chance to show that she portrays resilient tough chicks with perfection. This is another fun, slightly-silly slasher and Harris makes a solid attempt at stealing the whole show.

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