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Blood Drive: “A Fist Full of Blood” (S1; E8)

You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those who make the death race and those who drive. You drive.

Blood Drive Episode 8 Review

Director: Lin Oeding
Stars: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique, Marama Corlett, Colin Cunningham

When you’re in a race to beat death, eventually you’re gonna get pulled over. Although that could have been a metaphor, this week it’s a fact.

Our heroes have a run in with the law at the start at this episode. Turns out 94 miles-per-hour is a bit fast even in the wild west. The sheriff in these parts is willing to overlook it if they help him with a little problem he’s having. Is it just me, or does that sound like a bad idea?

Good, bad, or no, this little detour has it’s perks. The town of Red River is without electricity, which means Grace, Arthur, and the Scholar can dig out the brain bombs that have kept them subservient to Slink.

Arthur is sent by the sheriff to destroy a neighboring encampment’s electricity before the sparky substance spreads its “sickness” to Red River. The idea turns out to be as crazy as it sounds, and Arthur quickly discovers that the Sheriff is the sick one.

Grace is still mourning the death of her sister Karma. For most people, mourning involves quiet reflection and tears, but not for this racer. What Grace wants can boil down to two things: sex and revenge. Too bad she can’t get Arthur to play along with the first part of her plan. His squeaky clean conscience won’t let him take advantage of a woman in emotional turmoil.

What’s a frustrated and furious femme fatale to do?

The bar sounds like a good start. That is, until Slink shows up with a bottle. Grace receives the gift and shares her plan: she’s going to drink every last drop, and then she’s going to kill the sinister sister murderer.

It should come as no surprise that killing Slink is easier said than done. Grace is up for the challenge, going so far as to set the menacing maniac on fire. There is more to Slink than meets the eye, however, and even ablaze his chief concern is for the safety of his vintage hat.

Looks like the sulfurous showboat will live to see another day.

Meanwhile, Chris has found a doorway out of Heart HQ. The streets of LA are desolate. Tumbleweeds of trash roll past abandoned cars. Where has everyone gone?

Even police headquarters is empty, though not for long. A masked crew has broken in, and is making their way toward our trapped cop. Good thing Aki has been spying on her beloved Christopher. With the super-human speed that (apparently) comes with being an android, she comes to Chris’ rescue.

It seems the innocent sex-bot is falling for the law man, so much so that a bit of humanity is beginning to break through her bot exterior. What’s to become of their relationship now that they’re out under the wide blue skies?

Tune in next week and we just might find out.

Rating: 4/5

Photo courtesy of SyFy.

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