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James Wan Talks The Conjuring Universe Pics ‘The Conjuring 3’ and ‘The Crooked Man’

James Wan took some time to speak with EW and bring media and fans alike up to speed on his plans for The Conjuring Universe, which will welcome another film to the fold on August 11th when David F. Sandberg’s Annabelle: Creation hits theaters. But Annabelle is just one piece of the planned Conjuring Universe, and Wan certainly wanted to discuss some of the other films that are currently in the works, namely, The Crooked Man and The Conjuring 3.

First up, let’s look at Wan’s ideas surrounding one of the spinoffs for The Conjuring 2, The Crooked Man.

“We think we have a really exciting story. What we want to do, with The Conjuring universe, is we want each of our little offshoots to have a very different flavor, right? So, for example, Annabelle is the classic sort-of haunted doll subgenre. And with The Crooked Man, I would love to push it more down somewhat of that dark fairytale, and more whimsical, subgenre. I love the idea that, within the Conjuring universe, each of our little movies all have their own flavor, so that way they don’t feel like they’re the same films.”

While that’s an excellent idea and approach to this mammoth project, fans are likely wondering what can be done with The Conjuring 3 that will help to set it apart from the first two films in addition to the already released and soon-to-arrive spinoffs.

“We’ve been working hard on Conjuring 3,” he said. “Of course, that is something that I am not neglecting. So, we’re in the midst of working on the script, and still hashing [it] out. We want to make sure that the script is in a really good place. With how much people have loved the first two Conjurings, I don’t want to rush in to the third one if possible.”

Where Wan will position himself in this new universe is still to-be-determined. It looks like he’s obviously got his producer hat on for the immediate future, but which, if any of the new universe additions will Wan actually direct? We just don’t know, yet!

We’ll keep you up to date as The Conjuring Universe continues to expand!

Source: EW

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