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Freddy, Jason, Dracula, Chucky, Hannibal, Samara and Darth Vader Together in Amazing Commercial!

Artwork by ZZoMBiEXIII

The deeper you dig online, the weirder the mesh of this web becomes.

Wait just a minute… did I say weird?

I think what I actually meant was amazing. Yeah, that’s got a better ring to it… the deeper you dig online, the more amazing the mesh of this web becomes.

Case in point is this super trippy, almost peaceful commercial for a foreign cable network. It’s got a lovely, soothing little score, snowflakes fall in abundance, practically in time with a melodic tune that slowly ascends into familiar territory. Beautiful red flowers are picked – just as “Silent Night, Holy Night” kicks into full swing – pulled in seeming admiration… by Freddy Krueger. And then there’s Jason Voorhees, who shows up with a chainsaw, and Darth Vader (is he smoking a doobee?) … and then Dracula rises from his casket… and it just keeps getting better.

Yeah, I’m not making any of this up. Hell, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. However, now that I’m seeing it, I’m seeing crossover potential in ways I had never imagined!

Watch this amazing commercial below. The quality isn’t terrific, but you’ve got to see this at least once before you kick the bucket. It’s too good to let slip through the cracks!

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