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[Trailer] Who Needs Another ‘Saw’ When We’ve Got ‘Slaw’?

Slaw movie

Parody flicks are tricky. They tend to either score huge with fans or disappear long before they’ve even had enough exposure to be remembered. So, this question comes to mind: Will we remember Slaw in a year?

An obvious parody of Saw, Slaw looks damn silly. But with Jigsaw on the way come October 27th, (Slaw is tentatively tapped for an October VOD release, as well), there may actually be some serious interest in the film, be it a morbid curiosity or not. But the question still remains: Will this particular parody be too silly? Check out the trailer below and begin your formulation of an opinion!

Matt Green directs.

Kevin Nash, John Kap, Gregory Alan Williams, Aaron Beelner, Doc Gallows, Berna Roberts, Carlos Aviles and Richard Tavernaro star.


Foodie brothers Gordon and Martha do not like when someone ruin’s their dining experience, so they kidnap them and make them pay for their misdeeds – using Mama’s tasty coleslaw. One of their kidnap victims is Robert, who just so happens to be one of the police commissioner’s best friends and political supporters, which brings bungling detectives Hooch and Turner on the case.

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