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On This Day in Horror History: 28 Years Ago ‘The Dream Child’ was Born

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 image A Nightmare on Elm Street 5

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child premiered in theaters on this very day, August 11th, 28 years ago, in 1989. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed since the movie arrived, but we’ve been lucky enough to see Krueger grace the big screen a few times since, so I suppose the scarred monster never strays too far from the mind.

By the time the fifth film in the franchise arrived the Nightmare franchise had finally begun to lose a little momentum. It opened in the third position at the box office with an initial weekend take of $8 million. It would eventually top out at $22 million, making it the second lowest grossing film in the franchise. Only Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (one of the absolute best of the franchise, interestingly enough) made less, with a theatrical take of $19 million, which included international sales.

While you’re certainly not the best of the bunch, I still dig ya, Dream Child!

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