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Here’s the ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Post Credits Scene

Annabelle: Creation Image Annabelle: Creation

For all the attention people give some post-credits scenes, you’d think New Line would have dumped some major effort into the post credits sequence attached to the recently released Annabelle: Creation. It was not to be. Instead, we get something of a lazy little “bonus” in what amounts to little more than a look at a couple of characters we’re already familiar with.

Personally, I didn’t see these little clips in theaters. It was a bit too cramped to stick around for one more scene. But these videos have now surfaced, so if you’ve been wondering, you should take a peek while the videos are still live.

We’re fully prepared to hear your thoughts, if you’ve got ‘em!

Here’s a mid-credit scene:

And here’s a different video – the full-on post-credit scene, with the mid-credit shot… and some highly annoying viewer commentary:

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