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‘Wyrmwood’ Creators Deliver ‘Daemonrunner’ Which Could Have Been the ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot in Short Film Form

Daemonrunner movie Daemonrunner short

I think the vast majority of us would agree that the Ghostbusters reboot completely missed the mark. I’ve held firm in my position that the movie could have been awesome, even with a female-exclusive Ghostbusters gang, had they just shared some quality chemistry and been fortunate enough to deliver comedy of value (the remake/reboot/re-whatever produces just a few chuckles, as the bulk of the comedic quips are absolutely terrible and completely telegraphed). It didn’t end up that way, and the rest is a small black eye in the history books. But it really, really didn’t have to be that. It could have been as amazing as Daemonrunner, the nod to the Ghostbusters reboot from the Roache-Turner brothers.

This is the same duo who sent the impressive Wyrmwood home a few years back, and if anything, the short film may actually be a more compelling little picture than Wyrmwood itself. That’s a huge compliment, and it’s absolutely true.

Daemonrunner features some exceptional effects, a group of ghost-busting bad girls who don’t play around, even if they do give us some comedic moments in the picture, and a big baddie that looks wicked beyond belief. It’s got a great, dark tone and once it gets moving, you just can’t take your eyes off it. To call it an exceptional short is an understatement.

Watch the flick below. And hope to the high heavens that the Roache-Turner’s can get a feature length rendition of this one in motion. Hell, maybe even jump into the Ghostbusters fold and right the wrongs that Paul Feig dumped in our laps last year, all while proving that the film didn’t fail because it cast ladies as the heroes of the tale.

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