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‘Gerald’s Game’ Will Terrify on Netflix in September and We Have the Specific Date

Gerald's Game Movie Gerald's Game

There are very few genre fans who aren’t extremely excited to see a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s twisted tale, Gerald’s Game. The fact that Mike Flanagan – current Master of Horror contender – is behind the flick just has us beyond excited. Gerald’s Game is one seriously screwed up story, and Flanagan is one seriously talented individual. This could be magical!

Gerald’s Game debuts on Netflix on September 29th.

Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas and Kate Siegel star.


Once again, Jessie Burlingame (Gugino) has been talked into submitting to her husband, Gerald’s, kinky sex games—something that she’s frankly had enough of, and they never held much charm for her to begin with. So much for a “romantic getaway” at their secluded summer home. After Jessie is handcuffed to the bedposts—and Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) crosses a line with his wife—the day ends with deadly consequences. Now Jessie is utterly trapped in an isolated lakeside house that has become her prison—and comes face-to-face with her deepest, darkest fears and memories. Her only company is that of the various voices filling her mind… as well as the shadows of nightfall that may conceal an imagined or very real threat right there with her…

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