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What’s the Status on a New ‘Collector’ Flick According to Creator Marcus Dunstan?

The Collector Movie The Collector

About a year ago we were hearing that a third film in the Collector franchise would move forward, and Arkin would most certainly return (come on now, he has to!). But since that supposed update, things have been pretty quiet. And I don’t like the sound of crickets.

I recently reached out to Marcus Dunstan, who happens to be the man behind the Collector franchise, and, unfortunately, he was unable to provide much of any substantial updates on the third movie.

Every single one stokes many fires and helps us a great deal by keeping the project in conversation.

We’ve been taking slooooow steps toward having something more concrete to share than “we hope so!”

I will bellow loud & proud when such a day comes this way!

So, from the sound of it, Dunstan still wants to make the movie. Is it set in stone that the trilogy flick will be made? It seems there’s no guarantee. However, Collector fans are countless, and we believe in you, Marcus, and we’re in full support of a third film in the franchise!

I’d tell you all to stay put and hope, but you may be staying put for a really long time… unless the cinematic overlords grant us – as well as Dunstan – the chance to bring this beautiful saga back to the big screen.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had the chance to check out The Collector or The Collection, we highly recommend you give them a look – they easily rank as some of the greatest modern day slasher/torture films available!

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