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  1. I’m sorry to seem ‘ dim’ and am still just heartbroken as ever. As a contributing writer THE VIEW FROM THE TRAILER PARK / TVFTTP- VINTAGE ( which Matt helped create and was very proud of…God I miss him.
    Anyway, how and where do we submit new material ? In Matt’s name, we simply CANNOT let his Passion and vision fail.
    I thought a cool honor would be for as many of us as possible to send in mini- reviews of ‘ I T’ and for them to create its own section or the site.
    We all have ( loved it ) or are going to see the film ASAP, and I thought that so many of his friends/ staff doing what we do for him ‘en mass’ could be cool, a viewer interest attention grabber, relevant and, especially to show the strength , dedication and passion of our dear friend…thought? I. J. S.

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