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IT Shattering Records!

IT has shattered a very important box office record and is projected to continue to do so!

Most of us ran to theaters last week to see the previews of IT, and the rest of us will be flocking to theaters this weekend to see the new terrifying Stephen King adaptation. I went and saw a press screening on Wednesday night and it was an incredible experience, don’t listen to the few negative reviews out there because IT is a terrifying and near perfect horror film and adaptation.


IT is of course rated a hard R and it’s doing incredibly well at the box office. Just think how incredible this is for horror fans….a rated R horror film blowing up the box office! 2017 so far has been the year that horror has taken over the box office and forced critics and the industry to take us seriously. Now IT is proving that with numbers.

It has been predicted for awhile now that IT would shatter box office records but now here’s the proof in the blood pudding:

On Thursday night alone, IT brought in $13.5 million in Thursday night previews which beats the R-rated Thursday night record held by Deadpool who brought in $12.7 million. This number is the biggest in cinema history for a September release. THE BIGGEST YOU GUYS! HORROR MOOOOVVVVIIIIEESSSS!!!!!!!!!

Currently, IT is projected to make around $70 million over the course of the weekend which will cement its spot for the biggest opening weekend for a September release and for a horror movie. But now I’m wondering if that’s a little low? Most reviews have been positive and it seems fans have been spreading the word like crazy. I know I’ve been convincing people left and right to go see IT this weekend.

To compare it to Deadpool again, that film brought in over $100 million which might be doable for IT, or at least get close. Personally, I can’t wait to go see IT again in theaters.

What did you guys think? Have you seen IT or will you be going this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

It_07122016_Day 11_2810.dng

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