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Blood Drive Season 1, Episode 1 “The F-ing Cop” (Review)

Looking for some fun grind house goodness? SyFy’s got ya covered.

Blood Drive Episode 1 Review

Creator: James Roland
Cast: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique

Woooo hoooooo! What a race.

Blood Drive started its first season with one hell of a bang. Blood, guts, cops, badass babes, and slick race cars all combined to create a perfect storm of grind house goodness.

Episode one introduces us to the world (a dystopian 1999) and the main players for the season to come, starting with Grace, a beautiful woman with a red mustang that runs on a much greener kind of fuel. She’s fierce and not afraid of a fight. In fact, when two punks chase her down and try to have their way with her, Grace makes short work of them, showing them what her car really runs on.

It turns out that she’s headed to Mayham, a debaucherous traveling circus of a city (hang out? Home away from home?) that acts as the starting point for the Blood Drive. This devious game pits pairs of drivers against each other in a deadly race from Los Angeles to Phoenix.

As stressful as the race sounds, things get even more out of control when two cops try to raid the party. Arthur (a good cop in a sea of corruption) is captured, fitted with a nano bomb, and forced to join Grace in the Blood Drive.

This show is glorious grind house goodness to the max with notes of heavy-hitting franchises like Mad Max and The Fast and the Furious.

Show creator James Roland has pulled together a show that delivers the goods. From near perfect casting (Christina Ochoa as a Megan Fox-ish vixen comes to mind) to gnarly effects (the car engines will have you wincing), each element works in harmony to bring you a show that’s lots of fun.

The sub genre works well with the SyFy aesthetic. Their perennial use of melodramatic acting and extra-shadowy lighting, which often detract from my enjoyment of their shows, are a boon for grind house fair.

This is a pilot that shows real promise.

Oh, one more thing. This show is adult. Sex, murder, and gore adorn a good 50% of the first episode. As for language? SyFy doesn’t seem to give a f–. So put the kids to bed before you indulge in this grimy little gem.

Rating: 4/5

SyFy's Blood Drive Review

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