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A Comprehensive Guide to the Huge List of Stephen King Projects Headed Our Way in 2017 and 2018

Stephen King hasn’t had a down, or slow year in what feels like forever. He’s widely recognized as the one true living master of horror, and that title is certainly rightful. The man is amazing, and his work ethic is unbelievable. So are the number of new projects that King is behind.

First, we’ve got the new Mist series that’s airing on Spike. It’s gotten off to a rocky start, and we’re not entirely certain it’s going to survive through a single season, let alone beyond. But, we can be hopeful because, at the end of the day, we love Stephen King!

Another major small screen transfer is coming out way in the form of a 10-episode run of Mr. Mercedes, which is slated to launch on August 9th on the Audience Network. It’s got a great cast and a lot of promise, but that doesn’t always transfer into success. With Brendan Gleeson on board, we’re more than ready to give this a shot!

We don’t yet have an official release date, but The Talisman is also coming to the small screen in a TV mini-series, and Amblin is behind it. The show has been announced, but beyond that, we’re still holding out for thorough details.

The Stand was recently announced with talented youngster Josh Boone stepping behind the camera. As far as we know, this will be a big screen transfer, though details have been murky and delays have already begun to leave hardcore fans a little leery.

Oh, and while we’re talking Josh Boone, he’s also been attached to the feature length transfer of Lisey’s Story, though that, too, has been delayed more than a single time.

Hulu will soon be dipping their feet into the terror infested pools that surround Castle Rock, as well. The popular online provider will launch the series Castle Rock (appropriate) next year, 2018. With performers like Melanie Lynskey, André Holland, and Jane Levy already attached, there’s big hope for this one, especially since it is rumored to be the launch point of a “Castle Rock Universe,” or “King Universe” as it’s also been labeled. What’s that mean? It means we’re going to see a whole lot of characters and subplots from separate King tales collide in one massive singular existence, a la the Marvel Universe, the DC Universe or the already-floundering Dark Universe. You’ve got to admit, King’s body of creations is so staggering that that could be extremely cool.

Now, moving away from the small screen and VOD wave, we can look a little closer at some of the larger, big-screen and feature length King projects currently in the works.

We don’t know much about The Gingerbread Girl just yet, but it is currently in pre-production, so don’t be shocked to see the picture arrive in 2018.

Speaking of not knowing too much about a certain production, 1922 is currently in post (and actually appears aligned for a debut on Netflix). From what I gather it’s a feature length film that stars Molly Parker, Thomas Jane, and Neal McDonough. Unfortunately, the project, which according to imdb is in post-production already, has been flying under the radar, leaving us to ponder the film and nothing more.

Stephen King 1922

And now, moving on to the two colossal adaptations that have people stammering in excitement.

First, we’ll see The Dark Tower arrive on August 4th, and the buzz surrounding the film is electric. What we’ve seen of the film looks brilliant, and it happens to be fronted by two of the greatest living performers today: The studly duo of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. This ongoing story has long been a personal favorite of King’s and with the hefty budget the film is working with and the superb talent in front of and behind the camera, it’s hard to imagine this flick being anything short of jaw-dropping.

And then there’s that other flick. You know, the one that a few people have been occasionally chatting about: the big screen adaptation of King’s It. The novel, considered by many to be King’s true magnum opus, hit television way back in 1990 and while it hasn’t aged too well, it’s still a paralyzing piece that taps a nerve. The updated version – an official R-rated piece that casts Bill Skarsgård as the iconic nemesis, Pennywise the Clown – has more buzz around it than any other genre film in recent years. There’s a very real chance that It crushes box office records, just as it did with Youtube records. The trailer looks stellar, the cast is awesome and the dated setting looks endearing. It’s going to be an awesome flick, and you can check out the trailer below if you feel you really need proof.

And finally, we can’t simply neglect Gerald’s Game. Mike Flanagan, arguably the best genre filmmaker in the business today, has wrapped shooting Gerald’s Game for Netflix, and early buzz is exceptionally positive. That’s no surprise: Flanagan saved the Ouija franchise – if he can pull that off, he can do anything.

Gerald's Game

While these are the true marquee arrivals that we’re all looking forward too, the really, really dedicated King fans can keep their eyes on festivals and VOD outlets, because there are more than 10 short films in the process of being made, right now.

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2 Comments on A Comprehensive Guide to the Huge List of Stephen King Projects Headed Our Way in 2017 and 2018

  1. Excellent roundup! I recall reading a year or two ago that an adaptation of King’s “The Jaunt” was in the works. I hope that’s still the case. I don’t think it’s the most “filmable” story, but it is one of my favorites.


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