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‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ Returns in a Tribute Film This Halloween

Directors Nathaniel Ingram and Zac Lockard are looking like god sends right about now. This ambitious duo are gearing up to gift us what could be the greatest fan film we see this year. That’s right, they’re working on Are You Afraid of the Dark? A Tribute Film.

It’s okay to attempt backflips at this point. Those attempts may lead to some serious injuries, as most of us that grew up adoring this show are dreadfully close to 40. So, get your medical insurance card ready to reveal.

On a serious note, this really is awesome news.

The film is tentatively scheduled for an October (how fitting) release.

Ingram spoke on the project briefly While there isn’t much in the way of plot details, but there is good news here:

“We feel this tribute is long overdue,” says Ingram. “We all grew up on the show and it plays a major role as to why I am a writer today. I did decide to go a darker route with this tribute film, but it will be entertaining for the whole family…and you might even notice some odes to the original series.”

Dig on a nice primer video:

The flick debuts on October 27th, to be precise. Here’s a look at the synopsis:

The Midnight Society returns for a new tale of terror. It follows a young boy, Christopher, as he stays for a weekend at his grandpa Jasper’s house. What he doesn’t know is his grandfather has more than one guest for the weekend.


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