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A Call to Distributors and Indie Filmmakers: Help Us Make Our Halloween Giveaway Prize an AMAZING One!

I’ve begun making the rounds, tapping shoulders and sending emails. The goal is to get enough awesome companies and filmmakers to donate a movie, a comic book, a collectible – ANY of those things are going to be GREATLY appreciated, as we love to award one lucky horror freak a beastly package, loaded with enough content to keep the special winner plenty busy as Halloween approaches!

If you’re a film distributor, a production company, an indie filmmaker, a comic book publisher, run a business that specializes in collectibles, or apparel or even posters, you can help make someone mighty happy come Halloween

In fact, maybe we’ll just consider this a second Christmas. I know I’ve always wanted horror for Christmas… sadly I don’t get it. But hey, as a group, we CAN come together to make one fan supremely happy!

Again, here’s a recap of the things we want to include in the giveaway package:

  • Blu-rays (commercial or indie)
  • DVDs (commercial or indie)
  • Comic Books
  • Posters
  • Collectibles
  • Apparel (t-shirts and hats are fine)

I can be reached directly here:, or you can reach out through our Facebook page.

While you contemplate, here’s a cool Halloween video!


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