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On This Day in Horror History: Brad Dourif Entered the World!

As Ice Cube would say, today was a good day. Exactly 64 years ago, that is.

In 1950 Brad Dourif, prolific genre icon, was born into this world, one of six youngsters. This one would find a way to stand out, as he made the move to film 25 years later, officially debuting in the jaw-dropping One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s been nothing but work since for this high quality character actor.

Brad gave voice to the menacing Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) of the Child’s Play franchise, voicing the focal villain in every picture released to date. He’s surfaced in the Critters franchise, popped up on The X-Files, played a sadistic doctor in Alien: Resurrection, nabbed a recurring role in the popular Deadwood (not horror per se, but awesome regardless), did Sheriff Lee Brackett complete and total justice in Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboots (the best part of both flicks, to be honest) and portrayed a shady salesman in Priest.

Believe me when I tell you those are but a very, very small number of his actual screen credits. This guy is a monster, and has been since he dipped his toes in!

Happy birthday, Mr. Dourif – you’ve got a legion of fans who stand unwavering in their support.


Also of note today was the theatrical release of The Ring Two. The sequel to the ultra-popular 2002 Ringu remake, The Ring. While The Ring drew crowds by the staggering mass (The Ring made approximately $250 million worldwide), The Ring Two failed to live up to the success of its predecessor. All the same the flick still performed admirably, selling more than $160 in theater tickets across the globe.

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