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The Munsters Season 1 Episode 2 ‘My Fair Munster’ Review

the-munsters Written by: Matt Molgaard Original Air Date: October 1, 1964 My Fair Munster toys with a similar theme introduced in the inaugural episode of The Munsters. Marilyn is having boy troubles again, and this time, her not-so-courageous beau doesn’t even make an attempt at furthering their relationship. The minute he sees Herman open the door, he’s off and running... fast. But what is the family to do? Marilyn just can’t find love thanks to her atypical familial arrangements, and she’s carrying the weight of that on her own shoulders, viewing herself as the outcast in this family of monsters. But Grandpa has a plan, and that plan involves a nifty little love potion. Unfortunately for all parties, Marilyn doesn’t actually consume any of said potion, rather, Herman, Lily and Eddie do, triggering an affectionate onslaught from all who come in contact with them. Thank Grandpa this potion isn’t a permanent one!

It’s another top notch episode for this classic production. The comedy has, within a single episode, seen startling evolution, and the cast have already grown fully comfortable in their over the top makeup and outlandish personalities. Herman is as witty as they come, and the fact that his humor still resonates 50 years after initially hitting the small screen is a wonder to behold. But he’s got the right group to support him as there isn’t a detectably weak link in this chain.

The sets still look eerily amazing and some of the physicality in the acting is great. It’s not the crazy fall on your head for laughs approach utilized, it’s the very basics that work, like Eddie and his penchant for suddenly bursting through cabinets (what the hell is he doing in there??) and Grandpa’s nearly undetectable habits. These things just work wonders. And the timing… good lord the timing is stellar. No one in this ensemble misses a cue.

The Munsters will always be a favorite of mine. It’s simply too charming to ignore, and the characters we come to know as the series progresses are just amazing. Every single last player boasts a lovable idiosyncrasy of sorts and that did and does have guys like myself clamoring for more. There’s no question about it, The Munsters is one of the greatest “horror” series’ in the history of television. We’ve seen an awful lot of genre works hit the small screen, so that’s really saying something.

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