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Addicted to Horror Movies Welcomes ‘Emily’s Adventures in Horrorland’ Video Series!

We’re listening to your demands. When you send emails expressing the desire to see more media decorate the site, we read them. And now, we’re beginning to implement some of the changes.

Today we welcome Emily Good to the Addicted to Horror Movies family. Emily’s been running her own little web-series, Emily’s Adventures in Horrorland, in which she provides some insightful critiquing of some of our favorite horror titles. She’s got a powerful opinion and she expresses herself articulately.

When the opportunity to join forces arose, we simply could not pass on a new partnership; Emily is awesome, and so are her videos.

You’re going to dig her reviews!

I’ll cut my own ramblings short for you, and let Emily introduce herself. And while we’re at it, we’ll go ahead and include her latest review, an awesome breakdown of the creepy – and immediate fan favorite – Australian flick, The Babadook!

Hey howdy hey! My name’s Emily, and I love horror movies. It took a while to actually get into them, but back in the good old days when Blockbuster was still thriving, and the family was coming to some compromise likeNight At The Museum, I’d peer at the blurbs of Final Destination 3 and Quarantine with great awe and fascination, phew, that was a long sentence. Later on at university, I wrote my undergrad dissertation on the subject of creepypastas. It was slightly terrifying to watch Slender Man videos in the library until 3am, and then walk home in the dark. In Wolverhampton.

These days, I review horror films, horror shorts and one or two other things. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to horror yourself, I hope you’ll join me in my many adventures (such as they are).

Dig on Emily’s review below, and be on the lookout – we’ve sucked Emily into this wild ride and we’re not letting her go anywhere. She’s basically trapped in Stunt Man Mike’s dangerous ride, if you get where I’m coming from!

You can keep up with Emily by adding her on Facebook.

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