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10 of the Greatest Horror Tattoos on Earth

As a tattoo enthusiast I’m constantly brainstorming, looking to figure out what deserves to earn a lifelong home on my flesh. Unlike many, I don’t get tattoos to look cool, or tough. I’ve always headed into parlors knowing that I sought something meaningful… if it’s going on my flesh, there has to be a deep relevancy to my own life. If it doesn’t work for me, it’s not going to be applied to my skin.

Sadly, as a lifelong depression battler, the majority of my ink is melancholy and dark. You might say I wear my sadness on my sleeve, literally. In fact, the only tattoos that bear positive meaning are the homage pieces dedicated to my children.

But I’ve always been tempted to pursue a Michael Myers tattoo, or even a John Carpenter tattoo, as he is, in my humble opinion, the most important genre filmmaker to a Generation Xer like myself.

But nowadays there are such amazing tattoo artists out there the possibilities have become limitless. And given the popularity of body art, more horror themed tattoos are popping up every day.

We thought it was time to share some of the gorgeous ink we’ve seen floating about the web, donned by hardcore fanatics of our beloved genre.

So, are you ready to see 10 of the most amazing horror themed tattoos?

Begin the slideshow.

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