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Short Film Roundup: 10 Stellar Horror Shorts to Watch Right Now

As They Continue to Fall Short Film

Horror shorts are extremely high on my list of favorite worldly things. I probably watch a half dozen every week of my life, which means I’m constantly unearthing serious treasures. But a great number of genre fans still tend to pass these beasts up, and that’s just a loss across the board.

Don’t be one of the many left out in the cold. Jump on the short film bandwagon and never jump off, because top notch shorts aren’t going to disappear, and filmmakers aren’t going to leave this fan booster in the dust any time soon.

If you’re looking for a good place to start absorbing the art of the short, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 films that should operate as a perfect appetizer!

Short #1

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3 Comments on Short Film Roundup: 10 Stellar Horror Shorts to Watch Right Now

  1. Maaaan, The Bridge Party and Night of the Slasher are insanely good!


  2. Bridge Partner*, I said Party LOL … Sure do, these ones were great choices! Shorts need better attention! Forgot about “Tonight is you”, moody and well crafted, imagery and sound…


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