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‘Black Mirror’ Seasons 1-3 Review

Black Mirror

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, how do I even begin to describe this show? It truly is one-of-a-kind in so many ways. This is a show that will never be forgotten and I assume will be looked upon fondly by almost every viewer. As original as it is exciting. As unsettling as it is controversial. Black Mirror sets a new standard for sci-fi TV shows, which is already sky high since the release of Stranger Things. Sci-fi fiends are loving it. And with more seasons to come, things are just getting started!

Okay, so, small tidbit. This show was originally a British show, but Netflix bought it and gave it a third season. Was it to save the show? Did the Brits not appreciate it? Or did Netflix simply offer much more money? I have to say, Netflix has a keen eye when it comes to fresh talent! Anyway, I digress. Black Mirror is an anthology series. Like American Horror Story, except each episode is a new storyline and new set of characters. Think of short movies for episodes. Although, some episodes do reach up to one hour and thirty minutes (the average length of a movie), but most, unfortunately, are only forty minutes or so. The only downside? There aren’t many episodes per season, say around five or six. I predict this will change as the show’s viewership increases when word of mouth begins to spread.

Black Mirror explores technology, culture, politics, the future, society and many more aspects of our world. It goes deep into how the future could turn out, especially from a technology-based stand-point. From how we engage, to the new rules that law could enforce, to how we entertain ourselves, all angles are explored. The originality - aside a huge list of pros – is just one thing that makes this show great. Having a TV show existential crisis? Seeing the same overdone plot over and over? Then look no further, I guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this show.

Word of mouth must have at least spread to Hollywood, as some named celebs are hopping on board and starring in the show! From Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Alice Eve (The Raven, Sex & the City 2, ATM), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), and Michael Kelly (Now You See Me).

This series seriously forces you to think: what if? What if some of this did happen in the future? Some possibilities for how the world could end up are incredibly frightening. Social media has already taken hold of most humans, from Facebook to Twitter, everyone is on the internet. Some can maintain ‘everything in moderation’ whereas most of our doomed population are constantly scrolling through their feeds like mindless zombies, not caring or feeling, just bored or addicted. Pastimes such as art, reading, hiking, traveling, spending time with family and friends (without posting on social media) is becoming incredibly rare. We all have a voice. But this show tells us that our voices could become dangerous and potentially fatal to many fellow humans.

One thing I assure most people will feel when watching this – besides amazement, tension, unease, excitement, and fascination – is nostalgia. As a nineties child, I remember when bike-riding with friends was how you passed the summer holidays, or bowling or swimming. Now, kids are addicted to pointless video games or various forms of social media. Black Mirror poses so many serious issues.

It will make you feel guilty for having a social media account with any website, regardless of moderation and still enjoying physical things and socializing with real flesh-and-blood human beings.

However, we go far further than social media. The explorations are endless. I am beyond eager to watch the next season and see what other original ideas they come up with. But the ideas themselves aren’t the only boast-worthy pro of this show, it is all in the execution. From acting, effects, script, filming, and soundtrack, everything is thought-out. No aspect has been left to chance. Detail is everything.

So, if I haven’t got your buds wet yet, feel free to check it out for yourself!


Rating: 5/5

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