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‘Waxwork’ is a Throwback Dream Flick of the 1980s (Review)

Direct: Anthony Hickox

Cast: Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, Jennifer Bassey

If you grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s, chances are you loved the Waxwork flicks. They’re fun pieces that, in a sense, operate as very well tied together but only indirectly related stories. So while some choose to avoid slapping the anthology label on this film, I’m actually completely okay with it. It feels like a well nurtured anthology, so why ignore that? Anyhow, all that said, I won’t break down each tale, as there are some fine throwback surprises in waiting. I will however give you the general gist of things.

A group of friends, fueled by curiosity stop to check out a new wax museum that has, oddly enough, opened directly in the middle of a residential area. It’s a quirky position, which these youngsters notice, but it isn’t enough to deter their desire to snoop around. Snoop they do, but when someone goes missing from the bunch things get weird… especially as our hero, Mark, begins to obsess over the fact that the wax museum is somehow claiming victims, his buddies now included.

This is one of those awesome concepts that feels like it had no option but to emerge from the insanity of the ‘80s. And there’s nothing remotely near wrong with that, as the flick holds up well, valiantly battling Father Time. A bunch of nods to classic Universal monsters go heavily appreciated and may just be that one special element that pushes a decent film from a realm of mediocrity into great territory.

Watch for faces you’ll recognize and some practical work you can admire. The acting isn’t remarkably fine-tuned on all fronts, but the few who carry the flick do a fine job. This is just another one of those killer flicks that seems to slip from memory banks with consistency. Pick up the movie, and let that puppy spin; it’s a rewarding affair.

Rating: 3.5/5

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