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Danny McBride Shares Some Big Details About the New ‘Halloween’ Flick!

Danny McBride on New Halloween Film

Danny McBride has been spreading his wings of late. The wonderfully funny man has really branched out as of late, and on a very positive note, that branching out has everything to do with our genre.

McBride is tapped to star in Alien: Covenant in a role that he’s described as essentially humorless, and now the man has written the script for the new Halloween film. It looks like McBride’s been hiding his love for the genre, and keeping a few of his other talents nice and quiet. Well, the cat’s out of the bag, Danny – you’re a man of many talents, and we applaud you!

In a recent interview on the Empire Film Podcast, McBride shared some very crucial info about the brand new Halloween!

“Look at where the Halloween franchise has gone. There’s a lot of room for improvement. David and I are coming from it as, we are horror fans, and we are humongous fans of John Carpenter and of what he did with the original Halloween, so I think from watching this and being disappointed by other versions of this series, I think we’re just trying to strip it down and just take it back to what was so good about the original. It was just very simple and just achieved that level of horror that wasn’t corny and it wasn’t turning Michael Myers into some supernatural being that couldn’t be killed. That stuff to me isn’t scary. I want to be scared by something that I really think could happen.”

We. Cannot. Wait.

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