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[Trailer] ‘Zodiac Man’ Looks Wildly Intriguing; Can the Zodiac Killer Finally be Identified?

Zodiac Man

In case you’ve been living your life under a rock, you know that a masked madman boasting the moniker “The Zodiac Killer” and killed five confirmed victims in Northern California between 1966 and 1969.

Well, way back in 1971 Tom Hanson, an everyman owner of a chain of Pizza Man outlets decided to shoot a film about the infamous killer. His goal? To help bring the elusive serial killer to justice. That obviously never happened, but now, some 46 years later MidnightPix is actually making a film about Hanson’s own film.

Zodiac Man, as the film will be titled, won’t likely lead to any case closing evidence being unearthed, but it is going to give us a great look at the footage that Hanson was filming, and that could be extremely interesting.

Truth is, this may be the most compelling documentary we’ve seen in some time. We’ll certainly be watching!

Here’s some valuable 411 from the press release:

Directed by Tom Hanson, who owned a chain of Pizza Man restaurants, The Zodiac Killer was made to capture the real-life Zodiac Killer. The plan didn’t work – although not for a lack of trying. During the theatrical run at the Golden Gate theater in San Francisco, Hanson constructed “traps” in the lobby to lure the killer from hiding. These included a hollowed-out ice cream freezer (nearly resulting in the suffocation of a Hanson associate hiding inside) and a motorcycle raffle – this time with another Hanson associate hiding beneath the motorcycle platform.

Hanson believes he came face-to-face with the Zodiac Killer in 1971 in the theater lobby and later during an unnerving confrontation with the suspect in the theater manager’s office.

Jeff Broadstreet will direct the new film.

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