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Crypt TV’s Film ‘Daisy’ is Short, Sweet, and So Gory

By Lois Kennedy

YouTube channel Crypt TV produces high-quality short horror films, and this one is no exception.

Our story opens abruptly with a young girl getting her tongue severed with scissors. Cut to a couple who just moved in to their new place. One (she’s never named) tells the other, Jasmine, that their neighbors warned her their house had previously been owned by a crazy religious family. As can be expected, their spirits are all too happy for company.

Personally, I was on board once I saw girl-girl kissing, but besides that, I found a lot to like. The performances are convincing and not overdone. The makeup and practical effects look amazing. (You might say they’re eye-popping, ha ha ha.) The filmmakers manage to convey a decent amount of exposition in a natural-sounding way with dialogue and also skillfully with wordless flashbacks, and the film wraps up nicely. For a short, it has a lot of depth. I watched it twice, and there was definitely stuff I missed the first time around.

It’s predictable in the sense that it’s a very short film (a hair under three and a half minutes), so something striking has to happen quickly to a limited amount of characters. And of course people who buy cheap murder houses don’t have good things happen to them. There were a lot of standard horror tropes, like a closeup of a trail of blood with a slow pan over to a corpse, but the director managed to make it look fresh.

My only gripe is that the first shot is confusing; it’s too fast, and the dialogue is almost cut off. The presence of the ghosts is covered adequately later on, and the flashback isn’t really necessary.

It wasn’t majorly scary, but it was disturbing, which is just as good. Give it a look if you’re in the mood for something quick and bloody.

Rating: 5/5

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