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‘Mummy’ Director Claims Dark Universe Still Going Strong

‘The Mummy’ reboot is doing okay at the box office, better overseas, but critics and audiences are blasting it, leaving some to wonder if the rest of the Universal Dark Universe reboots (Bride of Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.) are doomed as well.

Director Alex Kurtzman, who has a big hand in the Universe, still has utter confidence, stating: “I think that variety is going to be our good friend when it comes to the evolution of Dark Universe. You obviously want to set a somewhat consistent tone, so that people know what to expect when you see these movies, but it would be ideal for each movie to have its own identity, which is largely going to be dependent on who is directing the films and who is starring in the films. I’m really excited to see what Bill Condon does with Bride of Frankenstein.” (In other words, his movie sucks but others will do better?)

Indeed, there is more positive buzz around Condon’s production, since he just made the critically acclaimed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as well as 1998’s ‘Gods and Monsters,’ about the life of James Whale. Javier Bardem has been confirmed as the monster, while the Bride has yet to be found. Rumors abound that Angelina Jolie is being considered. Time will tell.


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