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The 10 Best Australian Horror Movies

Rogue movie

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Those Aussies sure know a thing or two about horror movies. They’ve released some terrific flicks over the years. I suggest you watch all these on the list and always stay on the lookout for Aussie horrors. They ain’t afraid to push those boundaries and abolish those limits. They’ll go as far as required to make a shocking but superb movie!

1) The Loved Ones

Since when do you torture a guy just because he refuses to be your prom date? Get ready for this one.

2) Wolf Creek 1 & 2

A truly deranged individual just won’t stop. He’ll hack you to pieces.

3) Wyrmwood

This is an outstanding take on the sub-genre of horror: ‘zombie / apocalypse’. A must-see!

4) Babadook

These days this movie is the new LGBT horror icon due to Netflix incorrectly putting it in the LGBT category and not in the horror one. Either way, this movie’s great and has to be seen. A boy keeps having dreams that a monster is going to attack.

5) Snowtown

He wants to escape violence. A man comes to his rescue. But will this man lead him into even more violence?

6) Black Water

What lays down under? And by under, I mean the water. And by lays, I mean is hungry for your flesh! A great croc-flick! If you love creature features, absolutely check this one out!

7) Daybreakers

A revolutionary vampire movie. Nothing more need be said. If you enjoy toothy films, hit this one up!

8) The Tattooist

A tattoo artist steals a tool. Little does he know that tool will lead him into a vat of trouble! Plus, for the gays and gals, Jason Behr strips off in this one.

9) Rogue

Quite possibly the greatest super-sized killer crocodile movie ever made!

10) Lake Mungo

An absolutely chilling mockumentary with one of the darker finales you’ll find on film.

There you have it, some of the finest Aussie flicks for the true horror fans among us, who want to experience all forms of horror from around the globe.

Note: Honorable mentions include The Tunnel, Patrick, 100 Bloody Acres, Bait and Storm Warning.

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