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10 Horror Movies That Will Make You Scared of The Water!

47 Meters Down

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Love water-based horror movies? Me too! Call them my guilty pleasure, if you will. I guarantee you’ll enjoy these movies. They may make you afraid of stepping foot into a large body of water, but after watching this list, maybe you’ll be glad you are now aware of just what predators are lurking under the surface.

1) Jaws (Review)

Come on, I couldn’t leave out Jaws. Still, years after its release, is one of the most successful creature feature horror movies, having grossed over $470 million! We all know the story: a shark out for blood.

2) Deep Blue Sea

Another one of my favourite Aquatic Horrors. Here, the sharks get smart, injected with a compound by scientists in an underwater lab, allowing them to tap into uncharted territories of their brains. But what starts as an important experiment, soon turns the tables. Why would you want to make sharks intelligent? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

3) Piranha

This one made me terrified of lakes and rivers. A bunch of genetically-modified piranhas are released into a stream, open to feast on whatever or whoever they like. A mention has to also go to Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD, also great guilty pleasure creature features.

4) 47 Meters Down (Review)

Now, this one just came out at theaters but is rumored to be fantastic. So far, the reviews have been impressive. Two girls go cage-diving with sharks, when the rope snaps, leaving them 47 meters under water, victim to the water-demons!

5) Open Water

I’ve found this movie is quite controversial. Some love it, others hate it. It is seen as a slow burner gradually stitching suspense into the plot and building to an interesting conclusion. Most horror viewers want quick pay-outs and don’t care enough to be patient, so maybe skip this one if you want an abundance of jumps and thrills straight off the bat. Basically, a couple goes on a scuba diving expedition, only to be left behind at sea, vulnerable to predators of the water.

6) Shark Night

All they want is a weekend of fun. Sex. Swimming. Drinking. But when Sara’s friend returns from a salt-water lake missing an arm, things go awry! It turns out someone is stocking the lake with ravenous sharks!

7) Ghost Ship

Now, let’s step away from creature feature horrors and acknowledge a flick that most seem to enjoy. A boat salvage crew discover the remains of a grand passenger line deemed lost for more than forty years! The crew hops onboard to face unexpected evils stemming from the ship’s history.

8) Black Water Vampire

A documentary crew investigates a string of brutal killings known as the Black Water murders. Could this be an investigation they will come to regret? This is slightly reminiscent of ‘The Descent’ but with a refreshing twist.

9) The Reef

An invitation for sun, sea and tranquility, who’d turn that up? But when aboard a boat, and it hits a rock, capsizing, the fun is put on hold. Tension escalates between the group as some believe they should stay on the sinking boat’s hull, others believe they should swim to Turtle Island. But wouldn’t that leave them vulnerable to sea creatures?

10) The Shallows (Review)

Blake Lively shows that she’s more than just a pretty face in this one. She wows in the water! Nancy, whilst surfing at a secluded beach, finds herself facing a shark. Although she isn’t far from the shore, dare she step from an isolated rock and swim back to the beach with a huge predator hot on her tail? This puts Nancy through her paces as she has to outsmart the shark to survive. And making things worse, she only has so long until the rock she stands on will be devoured by the sea.


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