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See the Trailer for SyFy’s New Grind House Series ‘Blood Drive’

A little bit ‘Christine.’ A little bit ‘Death Race 2000.’ I’m there.

SyFy's Grind House Show Blood Drive

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hankering for a good grind house story, and this might just feed my need.

From SyFy Wire:

“In a dystopian world, a motley group of drivers set out cross country in a violent death race called the Blood Drive using cars that run on human blood. One good cop, Arthur Bailey (Alan Ritchson), gets trapped competing with his morally-challenged partner, Grace. Unfortunately for Arthur, he doesn’t have much choice. Like all the racers, he has an implant in his head which will blow out his brains if he gets too far away from his partner or if he and Grace don’t follow the race’s twisted rules. And behind the scenes, Heart Enterprises and its army of AI robots seem to be running everything.”

So if I’m reading this right, we might just get something a little bit Christine and a little lot bit Death Race 2000?

Yup. Sign me up. The show premiered on SyFy June 14. I’ll be reviewing the first episode later this weekend, so come back to learn more.

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2 Comments on See the Trailer for SyFy’s New Grind House Series ‘Blood Drive’

  1. Matt Molgaard // June 17, 2017 at 10:34 am // Reply

    I’m ALL about this!


  2. Heard from a good friend that it’s a waaaay gory hoot! Can’t wait to get “started” I. J. S.


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